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Correct cleaning method

Is the best possible method for removing paint or adhesive being used? Take a look at what the part requires from the point of view of material, tolerances, construction and durability.
EnviroStripp Chemicals

EnviroStripp Chemicals is one of the dominant producers of chemicals for removal of paint, adhesives, rubber and plastics, in the Nordic Area.

The company's core values are health, environment and security in its product strategy but also regarding the internal as well as the external activities. Our team of employees values joy and openess in their work in combinaiton with responsibility, commitment and creativity.

EnviroStripp Chemicals is continually developing environmentally correct systems for special paint and adhesive removal, based on increasingly stringent requirements for high quality and improved environment. Each year, the company invests considerable resources in research and development.

EnviroStripp Chemicals has well-established cooperation with many different parties. Not only the end users of our products work closely with us, but also our suppliers, dealers and various authorities.

Stripp Chemicals AB offers products and systems based on special ”green” chemicals which clean items without affecting the underlying material structure. This is achieved through advanced chemical technology, in which the environmentally correct chemicals are integrated into a rational system consisting of the installation, equipment and service. Each solution places requirements regarding customer-adapted functionality and operational security, and also stringent requirements as regards health, environment and safety. In some cases, this even involves chemicals being ”finely programmed” for the requirements of a specific customer.

Stripp is the registered product name of the company’s series of environmentally adapted, easily biodegradable products for industrial paint and adhesive removal. Stripp penetrates efficiently into the paint or adhesive layer and breaks the bond which holds it against the underlying surface.

It is important to look for professional knowledge within the correct area given by the correct people. Similarly, it is important to look for information on reality from the user. In this, the authorities have a central role in our work, not only authorising authorities, but also as sources of information.

You can find more information about the players with whom our company cooperates within the following areas:

Subcontracting strippers

Stripp Chemicals would like to get in touch with cooperative partners outside the Nordic Area. If you are interested, please do contact us for further discussions.
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