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Reworking can be beneficial

In some cases the benefits of cleaning for reworking are not only environmental but also financial. If production costs or demand are high but delivery time is too long, it can advantageous to take a closer look at the possibilities.

EnviroStripp Chemicals develops, manufactures and sells chemicals for the removal of paint and adhesives, rubber and plastic. The applications can be large-scale industrial systems or pure consumer applications.

Stripp® is the registered  product name for the company's series of environmentally adapted, easily biodegradable products for industrial paint and adhesive removal. Stripp® penetrates efficiently into the paint or adhesive layer and breaks the bond with the underlying surface.

Our ambition is to present rational systems where chemicals are integrated into a lean process with proper equipment and support.

EnviroStripp Chemicals continuously invest in the development of new products and concepts. If you as a customer have any specific problem you are welcome to contact us.
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